Finding Leads and So Many Speakers!

On day four of George Mason, we started off pairing up with someone and creating an imaginary front page of The Washington Post! We then watched a slideshow presented by Carol Guzy. I’d like to take a moment to point out that Carol Guzy seems a very despondent, broken person- which she is, given all she’s seen. The slideshow covered everything from the destruction to the Berlin Wall, to 9/11, to the civil war and earthquake in Haiti, to animals effected by Hurricane Katrina. There was not a dry eye in the room. We then listened to the Dean of Admissions, Amy Takayama-Perez, and decided that George Mason just might be the college for me. Next, we listened to a hilarious speaker named Kevin McCarthy, who was simply hilarious. Then, we wrapped up pur cover of The Washington Post, and then everyone listened to their own individual speaker. I chose Raquel DeSouza, who just recently graduated from George Mason University. We ended the day by a meeting with a reporter from The Rolling Stones named Charles Bramesco. The conference is slowly winding down to an end, with only two days left. I have definitely enjoyed this unique experience!


Nat Geo, National Press Club, and Mike Shear!

Today we kicked off day 3 of George Mason by visiting the headquarters of National Geographic. Susan Goldberg touched on some very vital issues and covered some really helpful tips for storytelling. We then visited the National Press Club, where we started off with Thomas Burr and then on to Brian Lamb who was totally fascinating! Lamb taught me to try my best to keep from being biased in the journalism field, which is very crucial. We then spoke with Jen Bendery, Zach Wineburg, and Karin Caifa of the politic panel. We ended the day with a spectacular Color Group Meeting. Go Optimus Lime!!

Hoda Kotb, Newseum, and More!

On my second day at the Journalism and Media conference at George Mason University, we started the day by listening to Hoda Kotb describe what it was like to start out in the journalism field. She was very humorous, motivational, and very charming! After lunch, we headed to the Newseum a few minutes away, which was absolutely spectacular! It had the history of important roles journalists played in wars, revelutions, and so much more! When we first arrived there we entered the memorial for the attack on the World Trade Center and the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. The debris on display and the film it showed definitely stirred up emotion in us all. After the Newseum, we at an excellent dinner and was allowed to take photos of the White House. We then arrived at the World War II memorials and slowly made our way to the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial is truely a work of art. An awe-inspiring statue dedicated to an awe-inpsiring man. Overall, my second day at George Mason was packed to the second, but it was time well spent!

Arrival Day

I have successfully arrived at George Mason University, having already made many new friends. The campus is large and offers a wide variety of topics to study and locations. All of the faculty that I have encountered has been so cheerful and enthusiastic, to the point where it is almost contagious!

I am attending the Journalism and Media Conference to see what being a journalist would entail, so I can be sure that I want to pursue that career. I have a big week planned ahead of me, but my experience so far has been spectacular!