Hoda Kotb, Newseum, and More!

On my second day at the Journalism and Media conference at George Mason University, we started the day by listening to Hoda Kotb describe what it was like to start out in the journalism field. She was very humorous, motivational, and very charming! After lunch, we headed to the Newseum a few minutes away, which was absolutely spectacular! It had the history of important roles journalists played in wars, revelutions, and so much more! When we first arrived there we entered the memorial for the attack on the World Trade Center and the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. The debris on display and the film it showed definitely stirred up emotion in us all. After the Newseum, we at an excellent dinner and was allowed to take photos of the White House. We then arrived at the World War II memorials and slowly made our way to the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial is truely a work of art. An awe-inspiring statue dedicated to an awe-inpsiring man. Overall, my second day at George Mason was packed to the second, but it was time well spent!


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